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We have compiled these resources to help you in your time of need. If you have further questions, call us at  Hartwell (706)376-3901 or Lavonia (706)356-1110.

how to send your information

The Companion Guide and the Arrangement Information Guide are .pdf documents and can be saved to your computer and emailed to us or printed and faxed. Our contact information is below:


Strickland Funeral Home of Hartwell 

[email protected] 

fax: (706)376-3902                                                  

Strickland Funeral Home of  Lavonia  

[email protected].com 

fax: (706)356-5000


Companion guide with checklist

Companion guide with checklist

As you prepare to create a meaningful funeral, we invite you to make use of this decision checklist

and planning worksheet to help you summarize your thoughts and decisions about the funeral you

are planning. Do not let this outline limit your creativity; it is intended only as a springboard for your

own ideas. This is the perfect guide to share with family and friends that will assist your funeral director

as you work together to finalize your plans. CLICK HERE to download