Our History

Hartwell Chapel

In 1975 a new standard of service in funeral care was established, as Joseph A. “Joe” and Nell B. Strickland founded Joseph A. Strickland Funeral Home. Joe started his career in funeral service, in 1943, with Smith Funeral Home in Hartwell. After 32 years of service, he decided it was time to fulfill his dream and open his own firm. 

Following Joe’s death in 1992, Arnold Strickland followed in the footsteps of his father and became the Funeral Director in charge of Joseph A. Strickland Funeral Home. Nell has continued to be an active part of the funeral home and has served as a licensed funeral director since 1979. 

Lavonia Chapel

Strickland Funeral Home of Lavonia was established in 1923 by Fred N. Weldon and Steve Thomas as Weldon – Thomas Funeral Home. For 74 years, they served Franklin County and its citizens with caring and compassion.
In 1997, the Hamby family bought Weldon Funeral Home to establish Hamby Funeral Home. Following the death of Steven Hamby in 2004, the Hamby family chose to sell the funeral home to Arnold Strickland and Joseph A. Strickland Funeral Home.

the Legacy continues

Today, Strickland Funeral Home of Hartwell is located in its original location at 305 Cleveland Avenue. It has been renovated several times and is one of the most modern funeral homes in the area.

Strickland Funeral Home of Lavonia is located at 355 Bear Creek Road. Its facilities are modern and provide the family with a comforting experience.

After many years of dedicated service, Joseph A. Strickland Funeral Homes continues to be “A Caring and Experienced Service in Your Hour of Need.”